ZombieClub "Free Your Brain" Remix Challenge

Dec.20 16:00pm - Jan. 10 16:00pm (GMT+8)

OurSong has teamed up with ZombieClub to kickstart a theme song remix challenge! The song we are using is “Free Your Brain.” The song is produced by the metaverse music label 0x0 and features the wild voice of hip-hop artist CED. Together we are firing the first shot at the zombie army that will take over the world when the end comes! Now we are calling on our Web3 music partners to ignite your creative energies. Create a remixed version of “Free Your Brain” and let the spirit of ZombieClub infect the world

You will have the chance to win a $200 USD, ZombieClub physical merchandise,  and a ZombieClub NFT blind box!


OurSong X ZombieClub
“Free Your Brain” Remix Challenge

Who can participate?

Anyone with a ZombieClub “Free Your Brain” (Remix Access) NFT can join the competition!

What should I make?

Simply download the stems of ZombieClub “Free Your Brain”  from the NFT’s exclusives, and create your remix masterpiece to join the event.

Do not use copyrighted materials you do not have the rights to in your remix for this competition – they may cause problems down the road.

If you need visual elements, feel free to grab what you need in the NFT’s exclusives as well.

Click the image to check out “Free Your Brain (Remix Access) NFT


Event starts: 2022/12/20 16:00 GMT+8

Submission deadline: 2023/1/10 16:00 GMT+8

How will the winner be decided?

The ZombieClub team will pick their top 10 (or more) favorite submissions, taking feedback on Discord, YouTube, and social media into account. 

  • In the event of a tie, the ZombieClub team will decide the winners.

How to participate

Step 1. Download OurSong and register an account

Download and register OurSong App.
Simply scan or click this QR Code.

Step 2 Get the materials

  1. Purchase “Free Your Brain” (Remix Access) NFT in “Trade” (Learn more about trading NFT here).
  2. Go to “Get the materials” under the “Remix” tab. You’ll get a shared link to the materials provided by the author.
  3. Send the shared link to any place you want to receive it. E.g. email, messenger, cloud drives, etc.
  4. Receive and open the link to access the materials. Now, you can start creating your remixed NFT!

Step 3 Upload your Remix

  1. Go to “Free Your Brain” (Remix Access) NFT.
  2. Click “Upload remix” under the “Remix” tab.
  3. Fill in all information the same as how you create an NFT (Learn more about creating an NFT here).
  4. Done!


Your pick – it’s more your creation than ours. As long as it’s released on-chain via OurSong we’re cool with that.

Yeah, as long as you’re not infringing other people’s copyrights you’re good to go.

Yes. However, keep in mind that you will lose the right to continue using all materials from the NFT to create anything.

Sure. You can join as a DAO, an eth address, a virtual artist, a ai bot… whatever suits you the most. It’s Web3. It’s what freedom tastes like.

Here’s a tutorial, check out this link. It’s really simple.

Yeah, there’s nothing in your license that’s against that as long as you’re a holder of the NFT. 


  • 1 OSD = 1 USD
  • OSD can be cashed out as USD or crypto. Here’s how.
  • Users should not violate OurSong TOS.
  • OurSong reserves the right to change, explain or stop the campaign at their discretion.
  • OurSong reserves the right to decline any suspicious qualifications for the compensation.

Music Usage Rights

  • The participant agrees to grant ZombieClub the rights to create the winning product(s) for its own production, reproduction, commercial and non-commercial use, online and offline publicity, or other derivatives.
  • Only if ZombieClub uses the winning participant’s creations commercially and earns money in cryptocurrency or fiat currency will it share 70 % of the winning participants. 
  • The participant’s winning creations can only be used commercially on the OurSong platform, and the commercial use of the winning creations in the primary and secondary markets on the OurSong platform must share 15 % of the profits to ZombieClub, and shall not be used commercially on any other platform or online or offline.
  • If the participant intends to commercially use the winning product outside the OurSong platform, prior consent and agreement from ZombieClub shall be obtained.
  • If participants want to produce, reproduce, non-commercially use, promote online and/or offline, or make other derivative uses of the winning product(s), one(s) must inform ZombieClub in advance and obtain the consent from ZombieClub.
  • The creations without awards are only for personal use except for the OurSong platform.

Remix Music Ownership

  • The participant and ZombieClub will jointly own all copyrights of the creation.


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