Vol.3 Remix Featured Artist & Track:

#Remixology Vol.3 starts now!
New wave Hip Hop star SOWUT just released his new single. Come jam online together!

2023/03/06 Mon. 12:00 (GMT+8) ~
2023/04/05 Wed. 23:59 (GMT+8)

How to join?

*Please download OurSong App first

Step 1
Click here to get the remix file package
Step 2
Create your Remix
Step 3
Get SOWUT – STAR NFT, click on “Remix” > Upload your remix.
Step 4
Go to OurSong Discord & FuckedUpSummer Club to share your work!

Evaluation Criteria & Judges

Winner: Judges (70%) and NFT Shouts (30%). Don’t know what “Shout” is? Check out this link!

Please note that

  • The audio files provided herein are for the sole use of the “This Summer’s Big X OurSong Present: #Remixology This Song for You Vol. 3 ft. SOWUT” entry. Other than that, any content or form not specified in this consent form shall not be considered as implied authorization or any form of authorization by the organizer. The entrant may not, without the prior consent of the Organizer, separate or authorize the use of all or any part of this audio package for public broadcast, public screening, public performance, public transmission or reproduction, adaptation to other audio publications such as cassette tapes, laser records, videotapes, video discs, etc., for external distribution (whether physical or digital) in any territory or for similar purposes.
  • By acquiring NFT, you are authorized by the creator to Remix and sell on OurSong.
  • Remixes may not be used for commercial purposes outside of OurSong.
  • All users and entrants must abide by the OurSong Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • By uploading a remix to Star NFT or submitting a remix to the OurSong Discord or FUS community during the contest period, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the organizer’s #Remixology: Contest Rules.
  • 1 OSD = 1 USD, OSD can be directly converted to USD or cryptocurrency. Please refer to this article.
  • OurSong reserves the right to modify, change, interpret, suspend, cancel, or review the payment of prizes in any way.


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