Vol.2 Remix Featured Artist & Track:
Kimberley Chen〈Flaws〉

#Remixology Vol.2 start! Pop star Kimberley release her new single, come jam online together!
Switch up the style and genre and make that tune yours forever!

Campaign Timeline
2023/01/11 12:00 (GMT+8) ~ 2023/02/14 23:59 (GMT+8)

How to join?

Step 1 Get the Kimberley – Flaws NFT

Step 2 Go to “Get the materials” under the “Remix” tab and get the materials provided by Kimberley. Make your own remix track. 

Step 3 Head over to the Kimberley – Flaws NFT and click “Upload remix” under the “Remix” tab. Fill in all the information and submit your work as another NFT. Done! 

Step 4 Submit your masterpiece by sharing your NFT with the OurSong Discord & FuckedUpSummer Club

Evaluation Criteria&Judges

Winner: Judges (70%) and NFT Shouts (30%). Don’t know what “Shout” is? Check out this link!

Please note that

  • By submitting, you agree with OurSong’s Terms of Service and the above rules.
  • 1 OSD = 1 USD
  • You can withdraw OSD to fiat currency, check out this link
  • OurSong reserves all rights for any disputes that may occur.